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Ive been a Reiki Master for over six years and the healing I do each day in my healing circle each day is Reiki healing / Psychic healing/surgery. When I took on the role as a healer, I NEVER for one minute wanted to make people feel better, I wanted to cure them. After all, isnt that what everyones looking for? I am a psychic healer and unique and truly gifted, I carry out psychic surgery/healing on a daily basis, (you dont have to believe in any of this to allow me to make it happen) I send healing to thousands of people across the world each day via my websites/groups/blogs/webspaces and various other websites. You will not find this kind of healing anywhere else on this planet. I heal on a cellular level and heal the mind, body, spirit and soul. I use my own unique techniques, and the results and feedback, have been amazing. I remove all blockages from the body (very good as a preventative measure if something is underlying and you are not aware of it until you start with the symptoms, it would be eliminated before you knew anything about it!). Balancing the body and putting it back onto the correct vibration that nature intended. What I'm also doing here with everyone is removing all the negative and replacing with only positive. All these are what are called canceling emotions for negative feelings and thoughts people may of had and still have from the past. I obtain the best and healthiest levels possible for everyone. Any disease or illness ALL started with ONE NEGATIVE THOUGHT. What disease we brought on ourselves, we are certainly, with a little help from Holistic therapies, capable of removing and eliminating. When your emotional conditions improve, you are well on the way to recovery! The psychic surgery, doesn't involve any physical operation that is not necessary. I do all this painlessly and quickly with the mind. No tablets or after effects involved whatsoever or recovery time. Only feelings of improvement, love, happiness and general well being. For information

information/advice/suggestions to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free.


To receive Healing right NOW HEALING NOW Just be open to receiving the healing and you will indeed feel it.post-4122-1172509950_thumbjpg

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