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For too long, political power has belonged only to the wealthy and the special interests - but your clout should not be determined by the size of your checkbook. It's time to remind everyone we know that GOTV doesn't mean 'go on t.v.' - it means Get Out The Vote, and we Democrats need to get back to basics. To help John Kerry reach as many people voters as possible I have agreed to become part of the Kerry Core. I am supporting John Kerry because America needs a president that will create jobs, provide affordable health care, protect our environment and secure our homeland. Please join my efforts to elect John Kerry president by making a contribution today.


Click Here to Make Your Contribution!


This link will take you to the official John Kerry web site.

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I want you to know about an exciting announcement our campaign will make today. In just over three months, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $100 million, two months ahead of schedule. Even more impressive, $75 million of this money came from grassroots fundraising efforts.


We're witnessing nothing less than an historic change in American politics. Small donors -- regular Americans -- are within arm's length of turning the tables on big money special interests.


On March 2nd, we only had $2 million, while George Bush and Karl Rove had $110 million in the bank and a plan, as we told you Monday, to bombard our cash-strapped campaign with attack ads while we were unable to respond.


But we had our own bold plan, and set a goal to raise $100 million before the Democratic Convention on July 26th. The experts all cried, "It can't happen." No candidate, not even George Bush, had ever raised so much in so short a time.


We knew we could do it -- we knew you could do it -- because we had seen the drive and determination among our supporters and among all Americans who believe it's time for a change.


You've provided us the funds and energy to make this election a fair fight. We always appreciate when you make a contribution, but today we're asking you to get your friends, neighbors, and family members involved in our campaign by hosting a house party.


Our Internet team has just launched an online Volunteer Center to make hosting a house party easy. Just follow the instructions in the box below to get started.


Together, we'll put George Bush on notice that in the 138 days between now and Election Day, we intend to fight for every vote.


Make Your Contribution Today



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