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Letter Of Introduction : Consultant Firm

Guest Rev Morgan

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Guest Rev Morgan

Greetings and compliments=2E It is with great pleasure that I introduce our company to you=2C we are a Consultant firm primarily involved in analysing fiscal and budgetary matters where Non companies are involved and also sourcing and investigating Non contractors=2C whose services are retained or required by the Government=2E


We are contacting you to solicit your interest in participating in a simple business arrangement which will be favourable to both us and you in the long run=2E


We have interest in taking certain contractual jobs from the Government through a subsidiary company of ours from the Government=2C but unfortunately our C=2EE=2EO is a Director in a major government parastatal which disqualifies our firm from applying directly to the Government for the award of these contracts to us=2C but technically speaking the applicable statutes do not refrain or restrain us from contract rearwards if the contract was awarded to an un indigenous company in the first instance=2E


These contracts involve reviewing a Rail=2FInfrastructural Network plan for Abu Dhabi=2C Dubai and Sharjah=2C without delving into specifics about the Contract per se=2C I am requesting that you allow us use your name and or company name to apply for the contract with a further appointment of this subsidiary of ours as your representatives in the United Arab Emirate=2E


You will of course wonder what the incentive to you is=2C please be informed that we are willing to release an amount of Ten Thousand Dollars to you to cover your local expenses including telephone bills e=2Et=2Ec and also 5% of all proceeds from the contract=2E{The contract is worth something between 5 =96 13 Million USD=2E


Upon confirmation of your acceptance we will make certain funds available to you=2C these will represent the amounts required to pursue the application process and the ten thousand mentioned above=2C for certain security reasons the funds may not be sent to you directly from us to avoid a clean record for both of us=2E


Please respond immediately=2E


Wayne Vanesh

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