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House, Senate pass separate bills to criminalize interstate abortion

Guest Right to Choose

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Guest Right to Choose

The Senate just passed a bill to make it a Federal offense punishable by a year in prison to assist an underage woman in crossign state lines to get an abortion in defiance of parental consent laws.


Of course, this law will be widely defied. Unlike laws regulating what a doctor can do, this is an attempt to deer people who are NOT licensed by a threat of prosecution, an dwill not be complied with.


Putting someone on trial for buying a Greyhound bus ticket so their girlfriend can travel, say, from Alabama to DC for an abortion will have explosive political consequences! It may also be difficult to find juries willing to convict anyone for suchg an "offense."


If the House and Senate reconcile their different bills and this becoems law, this will stoke up hatred of Fundamentalist Christianity from coast to coast. The reaction will recall the Reagan era of heavy metal and overwhelming contempt for the Fundies and the president I remember form my own teen years.

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