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The National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour

Exhibitor Application 2006




The National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour (NDDRT), the signature project of Esther Productions, Inc., was developed around the concepts that fathers are critical to the development of whole, healthy, confident women capable of establishing loving relationships with themselves and others; that the escalation of divorce in America correlates with father absence; and that to reverse this trend and ensure a nurturing society that enhances child well being, muscular action must be taken to eliminate the adverse effects of father absence, especially among females. NDDRT focuses on education and awareness, skills development for practitioners and lay professionals, and intervention and prevention.


Each year, Esther Productions Inc. sponsors The National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour in Washington, D.C. This two-day event will take place on October 6 through October 7, 2006 at The National City Christian Church--#5 Thomas Circle Northwest.


Esther Productions, Inc. and supporters of The National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour, Washington-Baltimore Region would like to invite you to join them this year for what promises to be a very exciting, and prosperous event. Space has been made available for the first time for organizations and companies to exhibit information and products at the event.


Reservations are being made using a first come, first served system. Each table costs $75.00 for one day; a $50 deposit must accompany your application before the reservation can be approved and confirmed.


Each table for the two days of the event is $100; a $75 deposit must accompany your application before the reservation can be approved and confirmed.


A fifty- percent refund is offered, but only if a cancellation is received in writing by September 5, 2006. After Sept. 5, 2006 no refunds of any amount will be provided.


Please make your checks payable to Esther Productions, Inc. On the memo line write The National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour.







For more information call 202.232.0780 or 232.0781. You may also visit estherproductions.com










Name of Company/Organization_____________________________________________






Telephone ( )____________email ___________________ website____________



Contact person_____________________________Titlte________________



Type of Company/Organization: ______profit _________nonprofit



Company/Organization Purpose/Mission_________________________________________________



Target Audience/Population_______________



Number of tables to Reserve_________Dates:_____Oct. 6. 2006 ______Oct.7. 2006



Items expected to be displayed (Please describe)_____________________________________________





Cost of most expensive item______________Cost of least expensive item___________



Amount enclosed $________






Please make checks payable to Ester Productions, Inc.

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