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Washington trading Alfonso Soriano?


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How do you really feel about Washington trading Alfonso Soriano? Where do you think he will go? At first we heard the Yankees and Mets but now the Detroit Tigers are the leading contender? Is any deal really going to produce another player of Soriano’s caliber?


I realize that the new ownership needs to rebuild the organization from the farm systems up but when are you going to ever get a player with Soriano's numbers? It’s no guarantee that you ever will. The other day, Alfonso Soriano became only the ninth player to hit 30 home runs for the franchise. He needs only seven steals to become the second 30-30 player ever, joining Vladimir Guerrero. And in times like these, when new ownership is trying to rebuild but keep fans coming to the game, the Washington Nationals need a huge star to draw interest to a losing club.


Trading superstars never gets you a return worth the investment. I know Soriano is going to demand a big contract but I think he is worth it and that the franchise will only hurt itself and the fans by trading him away. We have other players to part with first, like Livan Hernandez, Jose Vidro, and Jose Guillen.

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