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july 31 is the Redskins trainging camp

Guest Joeknight_*

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Guest Joeknight_*

Training camp is in a few weeks and I am ready I am going to see Shawn Taylor and Shawn springs and Braden Lloyd, Marcus Washington and Clinton Portis and the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders too. I am going to save my money for the event so I can buy something at Redskins Park too. I am excited for the 2006 season to start I hope we go to the NFC championship and win and go to the Super bowl and become the best team to have 4 tropes in the NFL. I will cheer for the Redskins forever too. My friend Luke is going to take me to the Washington Redskins game this year and we are going to have a Blast at the game. I appreciate him being a great friend to me for a long time and we are die-hard fans of the Redskins and we will always be fans for life.

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Guest little off there

There are 3 teams with 5 trophies, so I am not sure how you will be the best in that part. But anyway Washington will make the playoffs but not get to the superbowl. If they do than the AFC will win.

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