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After the states of Georgia and New York affirmed that same sex marriage is unacceptable under the laws of their states, NBC4 TV did an online survey and found that 61% of the people in DC agreed that Georgia and New York did the right thing.


In my talks with Richard Rosendall of the GLAA on my proposal to put the same sex marriage issue to a vote in DC among the voters, he reluctantly admitted that such would be defeated by the voters of DC by the same percentage as NBC4 found and went so far as to say that he would not want his possible rights decided by the electorate.


Sooner than later, this issue of a same sex marriage ban will be faced by DC.


Not every GLBT person wants the right to marry, but the envelope is being pushed by radicals in the GLBT community like GLAA, Stein Democrats, Rick Rosendall, Bob Summersgill and a few others.


I think it is time that GLAA, Stein Democrats, Rick Rosendall and Bob Summersgill smell the coffee burning. America and DC might afford certain rights to GLBT people against discrimination in employment, housing and a few other areas but the more they push for the right to marry, the more they will be shut down as the majority of Americans oppose it on religious or the natural order grounds and that will probably not change for at least another 50-100 years if it ever does.


While many political candidates think it is cool to endorse same sex marriage in DC, they might want to consider that 61% of the voters are not cool on it.

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