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The way I have been treated by voters good and bad, the way I see voters treat each other and more, has really shaped my views about people.


For no better way of expressing it, there are a lot of hateful, rotten and sick people out there.


Now I have a better understanding why our elected officials are often guarded and evasive of voters.


You have voters who get angry over minor things, vote based on minor and single issues, and harasses political figures who are trying to do their best, and I attribute this to the high rate of mental illness and/or false pride of people.


Many DC Government officials tell me that 8 of every 10 calls that come in to complain about things come from the people of Ward 3 who think they are all that and more, and most complaints are extremely petty and made by lonely people who have nothing better to do than complain.


My agenda is strictly economic in nature, in that, I believe that if we lower taxes across the board, lift useless regulations on businesses and revamp all of DC Government with leaner budgets and personnel, then I have achieved what I have set out to do. Indeed, it is tall order to fill in light of the fact that special interest groups on the left will fight such tooth n nail.


As for many social issues, I am less concerned with such as they are beyond reach as long as our cost of living and tax system is choking everybody so badly that we cannot move on to addressing those social concerns.


If we do not stop the spiraling taxes, rents and regulations the left wing has interposed upon all, we are doomed to watching more and more people leave DC.


The left wing of the DC Democratic Party needs to learn a lesson from the Social Democrats of Europe, especially of the three Scandinavian countries whom they are imitating who throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s had to scale back big time in order to keep their social systems afloat, keep industry within their borders and the left wing of DC is making the same but much bigger mistakes than their European counter-parts.


Any smart businessman knows that Mayor Williams did not dig us out of our financial mess by smart planning, but by allowing taxes to be raised enough to bail us out. That is an easy thing to do as anybody could have done it. This approach will come to bite all of us on the ass in the near future, as DC cannot withstand another decade of these high taxes, spiraling rents and crippling regulations without seeing another 30,000 drop in population and businesses moving out to the suburbs.


The small left wing of the Democratic Party has shanghai the party and until the majority of Democrats take it back, and take us to the center, nothing good will happen and we will stay on that collision course with our foolish past.

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