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I just got back from my appointment with Valencia and all I can say are 2 words: HEAVEN SENT!! I originally got my hair done in April by Shauney (Happy Birthday to you :D ) and the hair that we used was shedding, my bonds were slipping, & a couple of other issues were going on. Shauney being concerned addressed all of my concerns with Valencia, who didn't hesitate to respond ASAP! She re-did my WHOLE HEAD!! I've never met two people as courteous and hospitable as this team!! It seems as if I've known them both all my life. Very professional and knowledgeable

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sorry.......... :unsure: the message was sent and I wasn't finished. As I was saying Valencia and Shauney both treated me like one of their own family members. All I can say is I'm a customer for life! I trust Valencia and have the utmost respect for her because there are not a lot of African American women dedicated to making another African American woman look beautiful. Keep up the good work & I support you in whatever you do!! B)

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THANK YOU TOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are like family to us....We treat people the way we want to be treated and we LOVE down to earth women like ourselves....We had a ball when you were here and just wished you would have stayed in town longer....(Remember you promised to stay in town longer the next time)....


I try my best not to over step my boundaries after my students take my course (my daughter included) so she learned a great lesson working with you....Remy Hair is the best hair to use when doing fusion PERIOD....I want to thank you for being so patient, I was honored that you allowed me to fix the problem instead of bashing the method as a whole and you can't put a price tag on the lesson Shauney learned, I promise that will never happen again....


Great things come to Great people and you are a great example of a GREAT client....


Again Thank You



Ladies to put this in perspective....Toi traveled A LONG way (took a flight) to receive this service and yes Toi as far as I'm concerned, You will be a great client for life....

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