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Nanny Salary (Remember we are only a classifieds)


What you should consider: There are many variables that need to be considered when deciding a nanny's salary. Experience, Responsibilities, Number of children in the Family, Live in or Live out arrangements, area in which you live (cost of living for your nanny) and any benefits that you're offering your Nanny.


Experience is the most important aspect to consider. Bottom line, this is what you are paying for. The salary that you're considering should reflect the amount of experience the nanny has.


Your child(ren) are the #1 Responsibility of any Nanny you are considering to join your Family, but there may be other tasks that you may ask of the nanny. Grocery shopping, errands, laundry, housekeeping or cooking are just a few things it takes to run a household smoothly. The house and its everyday/week routines takes time, energy and organization and should be compensated. Also, does the nanny have experience in performing the tasks at hand and how well? That question can only be answered by talking to their references.


Number of children in the family also needs to be a factor. The Nanny's responsibility level is raised with the amount of children that she must look after and take care of.


Living arrangements for your nanny need to be addressed. Live out Nannies are generally paid more because you are not offering room, board, food and car as a benefit. Live in Nannies are paid less because you are offering them room/board and possibly a car.


Area in which you live plays a part. Just as in any other job the cost of living in the area reflects your salary.


Benefits that should be considered in the nanny's salary are health, vacation time, sick days, overtime, traveling and the use of a car.



Average National Nanny Salaries


Live in (average 45-50 hours - $400-$600 weekly)


Live out (average 45-50 hours - $500-$700 weekly)


Mother's helper (average - $8-13 per/hour)

*Overnight Care -- Anything over regular working hours can be paid in an hourly wage or can be done on a set wage basis (if it is longer than a couple of days)

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