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Kerry's Wacky Gas Tax

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John Kerry is continuing his negative attacks on the President this week and exploiting the high cost of gasoline to do it.


President Bush is concerned about rising gas prices, and will continue to stay on top of this matter. There are steps that can and are being taken. Congress needs to continue to work on and adopt a national energy policy that will, among other things, allow for increased production here at home so we're less dependent on foreign sources.


They've been trying to do this for several years. John Kerry opposed the energy policy and has even sought to raise gas taxes over the years. That support for higher gas prices would have increased the prices beyond where they are today.


How can you help spread the word?


Visit www.GeorgeWBush.com to watch "Wacky," our ad featuring Kerry's support for higher gas taxes.


Forward "Wacky" to your friends so they can see John Kerry's support for gas taxes.


Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to remind them of John Kerry's track record.

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