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I would have never know that Sam Brooks a so called champion of GLBT rights had accepted money from notable homophobes like Jack Quinn and his friends if it was not for being tipped of to it by Councilman Jack Evans.


What happened was, after Brooks filed his January 2006, OFC filing of contributors, I saw a contribution from a JACK PAK on Brooks list of contributors and assumed it came from Jack Evans old JACK PAK. I wrote Evans about that and Jack Evans said that he had closed down his JACK PAK in agreement with the DC OCF and that the JACK PAK that had contributed to Brooks was a JACK PAK that belongs to retired Congressman Jack Quinn.


I wrote Brooks and Brooks emailed me a copy of that check from JACK PAK to prove it was from Jack Quinn and not JACK EVANS.


Later, I received an anonymous call saying that Brooks has opened himself to being called a traitor to all GLBT people, and that he would receive emails shortly telling him how Brooks did that but mainly, Brooks was being heavily financed by HOMOPOBES.


Within a few days and anonymously, I started receiving emails linking him to Jack Quinns record of homophobia voting, links to the history of those associated with Quinn and contributors to Brooks of being homophobes and a strong recommendation that this fact would be a superb tool to take to voters to show that Sam Brooks is the ultimate hypocrite and opportunist.


This is how this all came to be.

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