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D.c. Native Needs Your Vote For Showtime Show

Guest Alphonso Hatcher

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Guest Alphonso Hatcher

Elected City Councilman in 1975, as a young community activist at age 18, Arthur H. Jackson Jr. moved to D.C., in 1994,and has been on the frontline fighting for Real Issues effecting real people, From Leading Opposition to a Federal Private Prison in D.C. to Sponsoring a Resolution before the D.C. Democratic State Committee to Oppose the closing of D.C. General Hospital, Jackson has been challenging injustice, corruption and the failure of government to serve people for years.


Showtime Televison is airring this summer, The American Candidate, a reality program for average people running for president(withour really running),

D.C. Native Arthur H. Jackson has been nominated for the show, he hopes to use the show to publicize our lack of voting rights in the house and senate. However to get on the show, we must vote for Art Jackson by going to www.american candidate.com and looking for candidate search type in art jackson. When his website appears hit " SUPPORTER". and email this page to other D.C. residents.


Thank you in advance for helping to further the cause of Democracy for D.C.


Alphonso Hatcher, Press Aide


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