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The Glory of Living

by Rebecca Gilman

(Pulitzer Prize Finalist)

Directed by, Michael Chamberlin

(2005 Helen Hayes Nominated Director)

Starring Casie Platt, Clay Steakley, Joshua Drew, Claire Bromwell, Heather Whitpan, Maura Stadem, Jon Reynolds, Paloma Ellis, Christopher Poverman, and John Tweel


Warehouse Theatre Mainstage

1021 7th Street NW

Washington, DC 20001

Tix: $15-20


May 27-June 11


"The Glory of Living" introduces us to fifteen-year-old Lisa, the daughter of a prostitute, and Clint, the car thief she runs away with to escape the misery of life with her mother. But the happier times that sullenly childlike Lisa yearns for never materialize, as Clint orders her to procure young runaways for him. No one notices that these teenage girls are missing until an anonymous call to the police reports their murders. But is Lisa the predator or the prey? Rebecca Gilman has created a riveting, unsentimental portrait of a young woman whose most striking quality is not her capacity for evil but the depth of her emptiness, in an environment as harsh and unyielding as the contours of her life.

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