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I did it for two and a half years. I must admit that I was enthralled with it at first. Eventually, the rosy-glow wore off and I was able to see the unclothed, ugly truth. EQ could have been, should have been, so much more.


While in-game items are nice, EQ’s item-centricity wasn’t. Dark Age of Camelot did items justice, IMHO. Being able to buy masterpiece armor, weapons, et al allows the casual player the access to items that would have been impossible to obtain in EQ.


Today, travel time in EQ is nearly non-existent. One need only hop into the nearest portal and travel across the world. While this has some obvious benefits, there was something nostalgic about getting onto <or sneaking onto> the boat in Kaladim/Freeport and sailing away.


Overall, EQ and the MMORPG scene has been a testimony to Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong will go wrong. What people can do to annoy others, they will take to the theoretical extreme and beyond. PK, camping, uber-guilds, and the Zerg all detract from gameplay.



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