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New free service for DC residents interested in going back to school


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I wanted to post here to tell DC residents about a free service that my company offers to working adults who are interested in going back to college to complete an undergraduate degree or earn a masters degree. We offer a free service in which we help match you with the accredited college in your area that best meets your needs (evening classes, child care, convenient location, etc). It is totally free, and we do not share your information with anyone other than the school that we match you up with. If you have been considering going back to school, but just haven't had time to do all the research, why not give us a try? We have done all the legwork for you by interviewing area colleges to determine which ones are truly the most adult friendly and offer the highest quality degree available.


Here's the link to our online form. It only takes a minute to fill out and we will match you with a school right away.






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Guest Kristen_*

Sure. My partners and I have worked in the higher education arena as Erollment professionals and academicians for over twenty years, and are now offering enrollment consulting to colleges, as well as adults interested in going back to school. We have been working with individual colleges for some time, and have recently started this program in the DC area.


This service came about because I was an adult learner who went back to college after taking a break to have a family, etc. I know how tough it can be to get back into school, as well as how time consuming it is to do all the research and find the school that fits into a hectic schedule. That is why we started to offer this matching service to help people find the college in the area that best suits their needs without having to do all the legwork. We offer an objective view of the colleges, make recommendations based on what each student is looking for, and then put the person in touch with the college themselves.


If you need any more information, please just let me know.



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