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"REVAMPED IN PROGRESS" Stay in School Assembly


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The YC "REVAMPED IN PROGRESS" Stay in School Assembly will take place this SEPTEMBER 2006. WIN the chance to meet & greet Young Crowd, receive gifts & prizes for your school, as well as have the rising teen phenomenon host their official assembly kick-off at your school!


Young Crowd's purpose is to display positive self-morals for today's youth for a better tomorrow. Each member understands the importance of having your High School Diploma or education alone in tomorrows world and would like to influence that understanding in today's youth.


"REVAMPED in PROGRESS!" Say In School Assembly hosted & founded by YOUNG CROWD influences a new way of living in the lives of all students and human beings. Teaching and showing students that you can do things right the first time; no matter what you're going through.


It's clear that Young Crowd isn't just a recording group; but a gathering of youth working together to influence positive changes and morals in the lives of other youth around the world.


SPONSORSHIP enrollment for this assembly is currently in progress! Official entry details and applications will be available in late-July 2006. You may e-mail your notification of interest to young.crowd@yahoo.com




visit http://www.young-crowd.com for more info!

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