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The Nationals beat the Cleveland Reds


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The Nationals beat the Cleveland Reds 7 – 1 yesterday. I am excited about the Nationals and I am ready for the Orioles and Nationals next week and I am going to buy a Hot Dog and soda at the game too. I have a Johnson Washington jersey and I know all of us at Dcpages are going to have a Blast at the game too. I Appreciate all the things every thing they do for me . Thanks Joe knight

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Guest really

When did the reds move to cleveland? Last year the nats fans had a reason to be happy. Now you see they could barely get somebody to buy the team and now they are not performing. I went to 4-5 games last year and was not overly impressed with the stadium. People are right when they say it is a joke. The enviroment just didnt seem the same as if I went to any other stadium. But that is just me. Post back to let me know if the indians moved the cinci since the reds left. Not much of a fan I guess huh joe.

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Guest to joe

I know that the Nat’s did not have a great season last year and they winning games now and I don’t like it when people make fun of my team and the Nat’s fans Please don’t send me these reply’s like this.



I didnt make fun of the nationals. I just said I was not that impressed. I was mainly stating a fact that the Reds are not in cleveland.

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