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Meaning of being born again


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Meaning of being born again


Space, matter, various form of energy like heat, light, work etc., and awareness are just the manifestations of energy only, which is charged by the hidden God. If you add just one single point to this science, all the subject will become philosophy. That single point is that God exists as the source of this energy. In the morning the sun is not seen but the sunlight appears. We should not mistake that the sun light exists independently without the source. Science should realize this point and should not think that the electro magnetic radiations exist independently without the source. God is the hidden source (Brahma Puccham Pratishtha- Veda).


In this rebirth attained by sadhana, all the vaasanas (activities of awareness) are related to God only. This is called as re-birth and such a reborn person(Dvija) is the real Brahmana. The word Brahmana has no significance of caste. Such a reborn person can be Brahmana or Kshytriya or Vysya. When all the vaasanas are related to God, the Brahmajnana becomes real and he becomes Brahmana. Kshatriya is famous for dynamism and force. When all the external activities are also surrendered to God he becomes Kshatriya by karma sansya. When all the wealth is also surrendered to God which is the fruit of his works called as karma phala tyaga he becomes Vysya.


If a person has no such rebirth and is immersed in the vaasanas of the world only and goes to hell finally for a permanent misery he is called as sudra (sudra means the misery-effected). Thus these four castes are based on the vaasanas (Guanas) and karma (karma sanayasa and karma phala tyaga are one and the same because the work is converted into its fruit). Therefore Gita says “Guna karma vibhagasah”. Swami Dayananda, who is also human incarnation of God has brought out the significance of this sloka in its real sense and saved Hinduism. But traditional people with jealousy and egoism killed Him by food poisoning as the priests killed Jesus. Sankara was also killed by black magic of an ignorant traditional scholar. Krishna was cursed to death by Gandhari since Krishna established the Dharma. Thus, human incarnations are always effected by jealousy and egoism which is a tradition by itself.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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