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Lord protect His devotees


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Lord protect His devotees

Veda says that every body carries on the good and bad results along with them (Priyaa priye…). At the same time Veda says that God is removing the sins of the deserving devotee (Ubhe punya pape, Apahatapapma etc.). Gita also says that one has to enjoy the good and bad results of the wheel of deeds (Tetvagham….tetambhuktva….).


At the same time the Lord says that He protects His devotees (Yoga kshemam…). God is the judge, who has delivered these results based on His own constitution. How can He violate His own judgment even in the case of a deserving devotee? Judgment is Universal but devotion is personal. This needs link of interpretation. Krishna wanted to give all His wealth to Kuchela and transfer His poverty to Him self. In the incarnations of Datta this tradition is very clear in the experience. As a judge He fines His son and as father He pays the fine. The constitution is not violated and at the same time the devotee is saved. Jesus is another best example of this tradition.


Gayatri asked that why Krishna, the Lord, could not repeat Gita when Arjuna asked again. She said that a chemistry lecturer can teach chemistry at any time. This point can be correct provided God is in the inet human body like the lecturer (Jeevatma) present in his inert human body. In the case of Krishna, God is present in the human body which is a composite of the three bodies (causal, subtle and gross). The subtle and causal bodies together are called as Jeevatma and the gross body is the inert house.


In the case of the chemistry lecturer, he is just a composite of these three bodies i.e., Jeevatma present in the inert gross body. The chemistry is in the Jeevatma of the chemistry lecturer. In the case of Krishna, God spoke Bagavat Gita and Krishna spoke AnuGita. All the knowledge taught by Sandeepa is present in Krishna, who spoke Anugita. But Bhagavat Gita came directly from God and God never requires any knowledge from any teacher. Thus, a double personality exists and therefore it is said “God in flesh”.


God speaks as a speaker and He does not require any aid. But if God speaks directly, people will get tension due to excitation by observation of the super power. Then knowledge is not grasped. To keep them in ground state, God speaks directly from human body and people approach without tension thinking that the human body is speaking. If God enters the inert body only, it is as good as entering an inert statue. Speaking through statue will again raise the tension. When God enters the human body He needs the Jeevatman also, which possesses all the qualities for His play. God need not use His special power for a work, when it can be done by the medium itself. Arjuna was retaining a little egoism and therefore the concept of the exhibition of such double personality is needed. Such analysis will pacify the egoism because God and Krishna are different. For higher level devotees like Gopikas there is no difference between Krishna and God.


At The Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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