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Impartial preaching of Lord


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While preaching the Lord follows the psychology of receiver and speaks to His corresponding level only in a palatable way (Priyam) so that he will not run away on hearing a harsh truth (Satyam), which may correspond to higher level. But at the same time the Lord will not preach a lie (Amrutam) even if it is liked very much. At the same time he will introduce slightly higher level so that a little truth with little harshness is introduced. The psychology of the receiver which likes only palatable concepts is as important as the truth. If a lie which is highly palatable is spoken, the huge majority of followers will appear. But what is the use of such preaching? Because the receiver is not really benefited in long range (upper world). If the entire concept is reveled, it is so harsh that people will run away without even hearing it. Therefore, the middle gold path of Aristotle should be followed so that a minority of followers appears.


If the preacher shows some miracles, huge crowds will follow who will be interested in solving their problems by exploiting that super power. In that case the preacher may speak any nonsense, the followers will be clapping. The devotion of such followers is only artificial and such devotees are the prostitute devotees. The miracles are exhibited by the Lord spontaneously in the case of extreme necessity for the sake of a really deserving devotee. The miracle is expected to help the devotee in the spiritual path. The sage Udanka did not ask for the vision of Viswarupam. But still the Lord showed it and sage Udanka got its benefit permanently. The sage believed the human incarnation throughout his life. Arjuna could get only some temporary benefit by such vision and therefore the Lord did not show it by himself unless Arjuna requested for it. Duryodhana did not ask for it but Dhrutarashtra asked to see it. In the case of these two, there is no use at all and the vision did not change them. The miracle can not be a poof of the Lord because even the devotees either good or bad also show miracles.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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