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Young Crowd on the Beyonce & 50 Cent diss!!!


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WAssup DC,!


Check out our local teen Urban Crunk group "Young Crowd" from the South East side of the city! They have music on their website just click on "MYSPACE". They are signed to Interscope/A&M Records. Recently the group was featured on the Tavis Smiley show were they made some statements about Beyonce & 50 Cent. You can fnd this official message to the PRESS on their website (www.young-crowd.com) under the NEWS section; here's a preview below!


"Please understand that we did not Diss or Blast Beyonce` and 50 Cent in our recent interviews nor on our forthcoming single "Da Starting 5". We recently stated that as two of the most influential artists in the industry at the moment; they are not using their talents wisely. Both Beyonce` & 50 cent as well as many other artist are encouraging, influencing and promoting sex, drugs, and violence to our youth; then thanking GOD for their success.


It is is okay for those artist to thank GOD for allowing them to see the light of a new day; but GOD has nothing to do with the success of any song that promotes lust, drugs, and violence. This problem is not only in music its also in film! Yes, as artist we are pointing out the negativity in the industry. Beyonce` is a wonderful performer, she has a beautiful voice but she is not using it wisely. 50 cent is a great rapper who has the ability to influence young minds and he as an adult is doing otherwise.


This is not a gimmick! This is what Young Crowd is about! Our purpose is to influence change in our youth so that they may follow their own plans that GOD has created for them and no one else! It's time for the YOUNG CROWD to address the YOUNG CROWD! We are not afraid to do what is not seemly selling today's hottest singers, rappers and actors as well.





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