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04/20 - Legend Of Russian Underground Rock @ Juste Lounge - Bethesda


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Thursday 4/20 - Legend Of Russian Underground Rock in Bethesda:

Oleg Chilap is one of the best-known rock poets in Russia. His lyrics and music are imbued with the spirit of the liberated generation, a spirit Oleg describes as a "flux of culture", where Pink Floyd coexists with Debussy, and the father of Russian literary avant-garde Khlebnikov with Van Gogh incidentally Oleg was the brainchild and presenter of a programme on SNC radio, featuring, as well as rock music, discussions of Van Gogh and Russian dissident writers, Sergei Dovlatov and Andrei Sinyavsky. The programme rated second in popularity after one show devoted to the Beatles.


The music performed by the Optimal Variant group, is a synthesis of ballads and Russian melodies blended together on a blues basis. Their lyrics reflect a philosophical view of life, with man's inner freedom constituting the central idea.



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