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The funniest Rees stuff yet: Quotes about school

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There's a very interesting, and amusing, thread on City Paper's blog in which Jonathan Rees tries to evade answering the question:


Where did you go to school?


(The actual question was: "Has anyone actually figured out where Rees went to school, for instance? Rees has said NYU and he's said Columbia University, but neither appears to be true. In other forums Rees has asserted that his college records are sealed and he'll say where he went to school when the other candidates do. (This from the person who says that it's easy and okay to obtain the Verizon and Pepco records of Ward 3 residents."


You can read Rees' answers yourself at http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/citydes...t-released.html or http://Use Full URL address/gg58f but here they are in his own words. Each of these quotations is a separate response to the question, where did Jonathan Rees go to school?


My educational records are sealed and that is why your efforts to check me out come up blank. You want those records then disclose your real name and I will sign a written release.


NYU, Columbia and the World Bank in that order but specifically the Concordia Apartments which houses World Bank employees.


I just gave you the order. My education is in business management. Columbia University does not offer any degrees in business on the under graduate level just degrees in the liberal arts. Damn you people insult my intelligence.


You people are as dumb as anybody I have seen and obviously never went to college or know anything about them. Let me give you dumb bastards an education. Within a university, there are colleges. Columbia Business School is the graduate school of business; A college within the Columbia University System. No go and research that.


OKAY knucklehead. Go and research the fact that the Columbia Business School is a part of Columbia University. Nothing I said contradicts or is untrue and anybody who has a brain which the above poster does not knows that what I am saying is correct.


The answer to your questions are: I went to school where I said I did.


Has Rees become the laughing stock of Washington, DC?

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