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Cheney Gets Booed


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I must say that I was completely psyched for the Nationals Game. And I love the Nats.


But, Having a crook throw the first pitch was just a wrong move.


DC Mayor, Anthony "Two Feathers" Williams, should have been on the mound instead.


At least he would have gotten the ball over home plate.


I am telling you Cheney jinxed the Nationals because of this.


The ramifications of this will be worse than the dreaded 'Curse of the Bambino' where it took the Boston Red Sox baseball team 84 years to win the world series after they sold Babe Ruth, sometimes called The Bambino, to the New York Yankees.


I foresee the Washington Nationals baseball team suffering 170 years before 'The Curse of the Cheney 10 foot toss' is lifted and they win their first World Series.


Note. the curse can be removed by giving me a ticket to Frank Howard's white seat.

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Guest NYPartyHopper

This is too good. I am forwarding this to my Mets buddies. Only in Washington is it reasonable to have 65-year-old man who has had three mild heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery throw a ball 60 feet.


Here is what you already know


1. Delgado is an absolute monster

2. Beltran was swinging very well and he looked very fast on the basepaths.

3. LoDuca was stroking the ball

4. The Nats fans are already frustrated.

5. Watching baseball in that RFK really sucks.


May the '10 foot toss' curse prevail.



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Guest Exposer

What's up with the Washington Post. They wrote that the boos to were caused by Cheney's 10 foot pitch, which bounced in the dirt before making it to home plate. I don't know what game they were at or what they were smoking when Dickie boy was get heckled before he got to the mound. Oh well, another media publication sells out once again for the greenback.


Maybe it should be the curse of the the 'Post 10 foot coverup'

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