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I Want To See Aglue Punch Rees In The Face

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As I was crusing through these postings and I came across a threat made by Aglue that he would punch Rees in the face if Rees places one of his flyers on his car window.




Aglue, why not let me email Rees and tell him where he can find your car and then let him know that you have promised to punch him in the face if he puts one of his flyers on your car window.


I am sure Rees would rise to the challenge.


I will stand across the street, watch Rees put a flyer on your car window and then yell out to you that Rees did it so you can come out and punch him in the face.


Once that has happened, I will get on my cellphone and call the EMS so they can come and scrape you off the side walk once Rees has doggess slapped the Hell out of you.

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