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I am expecting a unexpected ward 3 winner


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Since four of the six candidates come from the same part of ward 3; namely, the Forest Hills – Chevy Chase area, they may be watering each other down by vying for the same votes. I am speaking of Brooks, Cheh, Gordon and Wiss.


Gaull lives over in the Palisades but is well hated over in his own camp if the fact he lost big time to Patterson in his own back yard is an indication.


Rees is the only candidate in the Glover Park-Au-Spring Valley area where 51% of all voters reside.


Also keep in mind that home owners have a very high turn out rate where apartment renters do not. About 70% of the homes are northwest of Conn Ave. Most residents along Conn Ave are foreigners, students and out of state residents just here for a short time.


We can break it down as to who will get what vote but I am expecting a shocking upset.


I see the winner not being a person who won any set group or area of the ward but will get enough votes across ward 3 to rise above the others especially in a field of six or more candidates.


I would not bet a dime on any of these candidates to be a sure winner.

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