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DEA Busts Marijuana laced Candy Store

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US federal agents that busted a marijuana ring were disturbed to find pot-laced candy and soft drinks potentially tempting to children, officials said.


Marijuana-infused treats and beverages were seized during a series of raids at indoor pot farms that netted 12 arrests, according to Javier Pena, a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).


Confiscated items reportedly bore labels including Stoney Ranchers, Munchy Way, Rasta Reece's, Buddafingers, Pot Tarts, Double Puff Oreo, Keef Kat, Twixed, Budtella, Puff-A-Mint Pattie, Puffsi, Bong's Root Beer, and Toka-Cola.


"In a way, this case sort of answers the question 'What will they think of next?'," Pena said.


"What so many people don't realize is that innocent children will somehow get their hands on these products and think they are just normal candy or soft drinks - making this action not only illegal, but potentially tragic."


DEA agents began the investigation in 2005, after getting word that Kenneth Affolter was running an Oakland business, Beyond Bomb, that made marijuana candy mimicking the appearance and mocking the names of popular brands.


DEA agents searched Affolter's home in the town of Lafayette and at four warehouses in the cities of Oakland and Emeryville, east of San Francisco, according to DEA agent Casey McEnry.


Thousands of plants were reportedly found in what agents described as "sophisticated indoor marijuana grows" in the warehouses.


The plants were seized along with guns and a large amount of cash, according to Pena.


Affolter, 39, and the others were arrested on suspicion of illegal distribution of marijuana, according to McEnry.

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