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Guest Ghostbuster

Blair House - An apparition appearing to be that of President Woodrow Wilson had been occasionally seen in the bedroom rocking chair.


Capital building - Late at night a guard reported that in the hall filled with statues of presidents and Congressmen the statues came to life and moved around the room.


Capitol building - Basement - In the basement there is a cat every time it has been seen a national disaster occurs. For example a guard spotted the cat in the late 30’s and a week later the stock market crashed. It was also seen before President Kennedy’s assassination.


Capitol Building - Rotunda - Worker killed there is seen floating around carrying a tray. Sometimes you can see the spirit of a Civil War Soldier run through the Rotunda when it is very crowded. The Capitol Building was used as a Barracks and Hospital during the Civil War.


Capitol Building - Senate - worker that was sealed alive in a wall during the construction of the building is seen.


Catholic University -Caldwell Hall.- Mysterious lights and a ghostly figure is said to be seen in the attic window of this Historic University building. It is said to be the ghost of a priest who feel to his death, following his discovery of one of the last books on performing exorcism.


Ford’s Theatre - John Wilkes Booth’s footsteps have been heard running up the back staircase towards the presidential box.


Fort McNair - Mary Sarat who was convicted for her part in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln, has been seen wandering the building on base which used to house foreign officers. The reason being that the building stands on the spot where the conspirators were hanged. Allegedly, she is trying to convince guests that she is innocent of the crime for which she was hanged.


Fort McNair - Building 21 - This is the building where John Wilkes Booth was hung (even though he was already dead). He was hung in the attic of the building. he wasn’t the only person to be hanged there. One of the companies carrying out renovations to this old building report: All of the tradesmen on the job start very early in the morning (when it’s still dark outside). The carpenters there have reported hearing footsteps in the attic and they have had something follow very close behind him up the cellar stairs, close enough to him to cause him to RUN the rest of the stairs to the first floor. They were also working in two of the three rooms in the attic when they noticed what looked like a fly flying around in all three rooms. The only thing is that there were no flys in any of the rooms (the rooms are small and wide open, so a fly could not hide from site).


The Hay - Adams Hotel - This hotel was built in 1927 on the site of the mansion of Presidential Advisor Henry Adams in the 1880’s. The wife of the original mansion owner, Marian Hooper Adams, was found dead in front of the fireplace, either by illness, murder or suicide. Throughout the hotel her spirit has been seen or felt. At night, the scent of Mimosa is in the air on the eighth floor and the housekeeping closet on the 6th floor will NEVER stay locked after repeated lockings with the key by security. One reported incident by the hotel’s security chief in 1997 showed that all the guest room doors opened at the same time on the 2nd floor. Marion Adams is buried in Rock Creek Cemetery with her grave covered by a large statue (by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens) of a hooded woman. If you stand in front of this statue and look upon it, you will begin to cry. This statue has been called GRIEF. You will also notice that the chandelier of the hotel’s lobby constantly sways.


Kendall Green - Gallaudet - Kendall Demonstration Elementary School - In the girls bathroom, there was a ghost around and watching the girls. The ghost is around the bathroom because four girls who were saying bloody Mary for millions time and several days. Somehow, a ghost was mad at 4 girls. The ghost looked like more than 100 years old. The ghost was looked for 4 girls. The four girls decided to withdrawn that school to saved themselves. If you wanted to enter this bathroom, you will see the awful image of the ghost.


Kendall Green - MSSD - MSSD is located in the back part of the campus of Gallaudet University on a hill facing Rhode Island Ave — MSSD was founded in 1969 and Gallaudet was founded in 1857. The students at MSSD would feel hoof beats going through the campus possibly was the route taken during the Revolution War going towards Pennsylvania. Also, a ghost of a girl who had apparently committed suicide was seen in 1 of the girls’ dorms and seeing apparitions of another girl who apparently would wander in the girls’ dorm and has been seen sitting in a corner somewhere in the dorm.


Georgetown - Foxall - the elderly housekeeper has been seen floating on the 3rd floor.


Marine Barracks 8th & I - The lower parking garage is haunted by the spirit of a young child (not sure if it’s a boy or girl) that was killed by a vehicle coming up the ramp. Every now and then marines have seen a red ball rolling down the ramp to the upper parking and heard a child’s voice calling to them in the early hours of the morning


The Octagon House - Colonel John Tahoe had this house built back in 1799 and it was even used as The White House during Madison’s term. Colonel John’s pregnant daughter died in the house by throwing herself from the top banister. She committed suicide upon finding out her father had done away with her solider lover. He had greatly disapproved of him. Her ghost is said to roam the halls of The Octagon House along with several of the deceased slaves and Colonel John himself.


Treasury Annex - A woman, wearing a long white dress, has been observed on the second floor of the Treasury annex. Workers on the floors have reported footsteps, voices and an occasional toilet flush, after normal work hours. A late working and very startled worker, reported seeing the woman glide in front of her office. As she went to report the incident to her supervisor, he was coming out of his office for he thought he felt someone had peeked in his door; that was followed by the ruffle of a dress, similar to when a person is walking.


Trinity College - Kirby Hall - It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a co-ed who died in the late 1960’s. She appears in the staircase and fifth floor lounge. Some reports of her ghost appearing in the dorm rooms too.


White House - Phantom black cat in the basement of the White House is said to predict nation tragedy, appeared right before JFK died, just before the crash of the stock market in the ’20s, and on many other occasions.


White House - Gardens - Dolly Madison haunts the White House gardens and gets angry every time someone tries to change the way the gardens look. The ghost of President Lincoln has been seen all over the White House.


White House - Hallways - Abigail Adams walks through one of the hallways as with her arms out as if she has an armful of something, then proceeds to go through the motions of what looks like laundry.


White House - The Attic - President Harrison is often heard in the attic.


White House - Lincoln’s Bedroom - Lincoln has been seen in his room all the time. He has been seen walking around and has been seen in his window. I have seen the white house and people have seen him in his window and in his room. Lincoln has also been heard moaning and groaning in his room.


White House - The Gardens - Dolly Madison haunts the White House gardens and gets angry every time someone tries to change the way the gardens look. The ghost of President Lincoln has been seen all over the White House.


White House - Rose Bedroom - President Andrew Jackson is said to haunt his bed in the room

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