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Service to society is not service to Lord


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Service to society is not service to Lord


If the humanity is served without the discrimination of good and bad, the sinners should not be punished by the court and the sinners must be served. If God exists in all the human beings, why some human beings at the end are thrown in to liquid fire? This means that God is thrown in to liquid fire. Sankara condemned this concept of serving the humanity equal to the service to God (Loka Sevaka Mata Khandanam). Therefore, one should not remain in training only and forget the main aim for which the training is advised. In fact, the Lord came in the form of fish, tortoise etc., also. The Lord appeared as a small beautiful fish in the hands of a king. The king took it to home and kept it in a vessel containing water.


The fish grew to the size of vessel by next day. Suppose the king was a non-vegetarian and killed the fish for eating, how much sin he should have committed towards to the Lord! Therefore, the Lord in the form of Buddha and Mahaveer preached non-violence and condemned killing any living being. You should love all the living beings. But you should not continue in that line only and forget the basic goal of searching the Lord in the form of some living being. In Bhagavatam, a sage called Bharatha loved a deer so much that he was born as a deer in the next birth. Veda also condemns the continuous service to good people also without searching the human form of Lord (Devanam Pasurahaha….). Serving the good people gives you the heaven only from where you have to return back after some time of enjoyment. Therefore, the good qualities without the concept of the God are not yielding permanent fruits. When you start serving the devotees, the concept of God has started and you will soon reach the human incarnation of God through the blessings of the devotees.

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