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Dogs without leashes in Glover Archibald Park


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I am sorry for the angry tone of this message but I am SICK AND TIRED of people who scoff at common courtesy and THE LAW and walk their dogs in Glover Archibald Park off leash. This morning as I was walking my little apartment sized dog, some big Chocolate lab came bounding from the woods (in view of its owner who was walking up the path with 2 other HUGE OFF LEASH DOGS) and scratched the crap out of my dog. She was bleeding from the event. The dog was obviously playing so I know it didn't mean harm, but that is not the point.


I know your dogs need exercise, so take them to a dog park. Take them to the country. Do whatever you have to do to get your dog the exercise it needs. But do it in a way that is courteous to the rest of us and our dogs and OBEYS THE LAW.

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