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Guest Kelly Frost

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Guest Kelly Frost

The low-carb beer will be on Drs. Michael R. and Mary Dan Eades this week, as the noted physicians and diet experts buy "the house" a drink to emphasize the positives of enjoying a low-carb beer on a low-carb diet.


The Eades, well-known authors of the best-selling book, "Protein Power," are making the gesture to reassure the public that low-carb beer is a perfectly appropriate beverage for adults at any stage of a low-carb diet plan.


The Eades will be featured luncheon speakers at this week's LowCarbiz Summit in Washington, D.C., May 6th and May 7th, where more than 250 industry leaders are expected. The LowCarbiz Summit is the first national conference to explore the many policy issues facing the booming low-carb industry, including pending FDA regulations pertaining to the definitions of "low carb" and "net carbs."


Questions concerning the appropriateness of consuming low-carb beer while on a low-carb diet reached a crescendo in late April, when Anheuser-Busch ran ads nationally to refute statements in the popular "The South Beach Diet" book suggesting that the maltose found in beer is "the king of all sugars" and is therefore best avoided.


"The notion that the carbohydrates in low-carb beer are especially devious and will somehow unhinge a low-carb diet is really a tempest in a beer mug," responds Dr. Michael Eades, who has studied and written on the benefits of low-carbohydrate lifestyles for more than 15 years.


"There is no scientific rationale to suggest that the 3 or 4 grams of remnant carbs left after the beer fermentation process are different from 3 or 4 grams of carbs from broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, or low-carb toast," Dr. Michael Eades says. "They are all carbs and they all have to be counted. If after eating regular meals dieters still have room in their daily carb quota to add an extra 3 or 4 grams and they want to consume them as low-carb beer, that's fine with us."


Indeed, the Eades note that they have long recommended to their thousands of patients and millions of readers on a low-carb diet to "enjoy a glass of wine or a light beer with dinner, because studies have shown that moderate intake of alcohol is beneficial to weight loss and improves the cardiovascular profile as well." (The Eades have no affiliation whatsoever with Anheuser-Busch or any other adult beverage concern.)


In addition to Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, other keynote speakers at the LowCarbiz Summit include Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. of Texas; Stuart L. Trager, M.D., Chairperson, Atkins Physicians Council; former Congressman Gerry Sikorski (Minnesota) and Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of the newly released "The Hamptons Diet."


The LowCarbiz Summit is hosted by LowCarbiz, the industry's twice weekly online newsletter (www.lowcarbiz.com) and LowCarbiz Magazine, a quarterly business-to-business publication (www.lowcarbizmag.com), along with Penton Media. Major sponsors include: Blimpie International Inc., Keto Foods, Carbolite Foods, Inc., LowCarb Energy Magazine and Low Carb Success.


Kelly Frost, Booth Media Group, Inc., 760-929-1111



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