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Just One Commentary Written By Rees

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By: Jonathan R. Rees, Candidate for Ward 3 City Council








Many in our city attribute the turn around after financial ruins during the Barry years to our reigning mayor Anthony Williams but nothing could be further from the truth as he had little to do with it. Anthony Williams was a lawyer not a business man or major.




The real architects of our turn around was the federal control board that took over our city and Anthony Williams was allowed to claim a role in it when he really had none just like the U.S. Attorney lays claim to a great conviction although the case was prosecuted by some assistants but never the U.S. Attorney himself. It is the perks of the position.




The reality about Mayor Anthony Williams upon close examination and history will bear this out is, he made the rich richer, the poor poorer and the middle class got jack and has been seeing their standard of life slowly going down and all of this came to be because Mayor Anthony Williams was not a business man using good business sense but was guided by others who were guided by their own greed like the Jamals and our taxes have shot up and our government more bloated than ever.




In a few years we will start paying for the excesses of Mayor Anthony Williams and this sitting City Council who allowed him to rape the poorest of our people of what little they had and then showed them the door to PG County and elsewhere.




Wow after seven long years our City Council is finally, although they could have done it five years ago, is concerned about our skyrocketing rents and other things.




Let’s see where Anthony Williams gets his next job. Probably within one of those industries that prospered under his policies.


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