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The significance of the present human incarnation


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Mr Antony asked the significance of the present human incarnation


Swami replied;


When you read the scriptures which are the discourses of past human incarnations, you will get so many doubts for clarification. The original Lord is not available and we have to depend on the fellow human beings for clarifications. Suppose you are studying a correspondence course. When you get a doubt you have to depend on your class mate who is studying the similar course. He is not competent to clarify your doubts and you will be poisoned by the wrong interpretation. Suppose you are studying the same course in a college and the lecturer is explaining in the class. Whenever you get a doubt, you can ask him then and there itself and you will surely get the correct interpretation in the correct moment. The clarification is important in the correct moment because without clarification the latter part of the lecture may not be understood or may be misunderstood. Such facility does not exist with the past human incarnation and past scripture. In this light only Jesus modified all the Old Testament and gave correct interpretation as and when the people were asking Him. If Jesus is not in the present generation, He must be blamed with partiality towards that generation. God is impartial and comes in every generation.


The present generation is very much blessed because of this facility of computer technology. You can clarify your doubts through this computer system without any strain in the journey. All the divine preachers in this world are in contact with God and are doing the divine preaching to various levels. Their preachings may be mixed with some ignorance and it is not a fault because such mixing with ignorance in various proportions is required to various lower levels of human beings. The knowledge without any trace of ignorance can be grasped only by very few top most devotees. The number of research students under a professor are very few. Therefore the direct human incarnation is recognized by a very few top level devotees only.


The number of elementary school students are always many and the number of elementary school teachers are also many. As you rise in the level, the number of students and the number of professors become lesser and lesser. Therefore you should not aspire for a large number of followers. For the direct human incarnation there will be only very few deserving devotees of such top level. But such top devotees are spread here and there in all over the world. Therefore there is a necessity for propagating the top most divine knowledge of the top most human incarnation all over the world. But the number of followers will not be top most and it will be least only. Jesus said that His path is very narrow and only very few people travel in it. Lord Krishna told in Gita that one in Millions only can perfectly understand Him (Kschit Mam Vetti….). Therefore the aim of the top most human incarnation is not to have a large number of followers which is impossible. The aim is only to see the top most knowledge reach the few deserving devotees who are spread all over the world here and there. If you wish to have majority as followers the divine knowledge has to be adulterated with ignorance. The unclothed truth should not be exposed in such case. Diamonds are always in few in number whereas the gravel stones are many.


The lower level devotees and the lower level school teachers should not be criticized. The levels of school, college and university are obvious due to the existence of various human beings in the corresponding levels. Therefore you should not critizise the students of school and college. Today you are a student of university. But one day you were in the school and in the college. Without the guidance or the school teacher and college lecturer you could not have entered the university. The direct human incarnation of the Lord is the top most professor who is having a few post graduate and research level students. Being the Head of university, the schools and colleges are affiliated to the university working under His headship. It is the huge system of divine preachers. The school teachers and the college lecturers are working under the guidance and will of that professor only. The system is split to suit the various levels and there is no split in the preachers. The whole system of divine preachers is perfectly working due to the grace of that supreme preacher only. There is no split in the preachers. Mixing up ignorance is inevitable and is done according to the level of the students.


The supreme preacher is only one in a generation and He will be covering all the preachers and religions under the concept of Universal Spirituality. Some lower preachers may oppose this concept and it is not the fault of those preachers. Since the students of some lower levels do not agree to this concept, those preachers have to proceed according to their psychology. The supreme preacher knows this fact and smiles only, if any preacher of lower level opposes this concept. It is by the internal wish of supreme preacher only, that preacher is opposing to have a grip on such students of lower level who do not like this concept. It is a very long journey to transform the entire Universe to realize this concept of Universal Spirituality. But one day or other this divine goal is achieved and the entire world will be like one family with one divine Father. The various cultures and religions need not disappear. But the innermost single continuous thread of the garland of Gems with various colours will be realized by every human being of this Universe. Such a state is called as WORLD PEACE.


Please remember that the divine preachers in this entire Universe are not at all split. They appear as if they are split in order to have grip on their corresponding students who are really split. All these divine preachers are connected by their inner most souls and are working by the grace of that Supreme preacher who is the Lord in human form. The difference in the preachers is only apparent to satisfy the different psychologies of the followers. One preacher may critizise another preacher in order to satisfy the followers but all these divine preachers are internally united and are working on the single program only to transform this entire world to realize the Universal Spirituality which is the Absolute Truth like the one Absolute God.


All the original preachers like Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammand etc are brilliant diamonds and all the followers are the black charcoals. The diamond and charcoal are made of same carbon atoms. Similarly the preacher and the follower are human beings. In diamond there is a regular crystal structure. The charcoal is amorphous without any crystal structure. Thus the correct logical interpretation makes the scripture shine like a brilliant diamond. The same scripture without regular logical interpretation becomes a black charcoal.


At Thy Lotus Feet


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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