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What is divine knowledge’?


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Mr Anil Antony asked Swami ‘What is divine knowledge’?


Swami replied that the Knowledge given by the Lord in Human form like Bible, Gita etc is divine knowledge. If the concept of Human Incarnation is realized, the divine knowledge is recognized. If the people can believe Krishna, Jesus etc as the Lord in human form Gita, Bible etc is recognized as the divine knowledge. But the problem is that there are several interpretations of such divine scriptures. These interpretations are contradicting each other. Since these interpretations are given by different human beings and no human being can decide the correct interpretation.


You yourself also cannot decide because you are also a human being. Therefore the original author of that sacred scripture can alone convince you with correct interpretation. Such correct interpretation is called as the real divine knowledge. For this you have to recognize the human form of the Lord present in your generation. The identity for such recognition is your inner self which gets convinced by such real interpretation which is aided by your careful and patient analytical faculty of intelligence called as buddhi. Even an illiterate person has such inner self and analytical faculty even in the absence of language.



At Thy Lotus Feet


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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