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Jesus so cruel?


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Mr Antony told that one of his friends asked the following question:


“ Lord Jesus stated that unless one hates his parents, and children, he cannot be the dear disciple of the Lord”. Is this not the cruel statement of God to hate the old parents and just born baby ?


Swami replied; The old parents look very pure because the qualities in them are just sleeping due to their weakness. Similarly in the just born baby the qualities are in dormant stage which are ready for germination and therefore the baby looks pure. A old demon and a devil baby look pure and innocent because of the weak qualities or thoughts, which are precipitated in those souls for the past millions of lives. Due to the weak external atmosphere, which is their physical body, the qualities are just sleeping and they are not really pure. Can you love a sleeping snake? The real purity lies only in Lord Jesus or any other such human incarnation of Lord. Except the Lord and the liberated souls which are top devotees, all other souls are impure by the qualities. Are you loving your son only when he is a baby? Are you not continuing your love when he grows? Therefore your love is on your son and not on his babyhood. Are you loving all the babies and all the old people in the world equally? Therefore Jesus (Human Incarnation) asks you to cut your bonds with your parents and not your bond with their old age. Similarly you have to cut your bond with son and not your bond with their childhood. Actually you have no bonds with old age or childhood. If you have real bonds with old age and child hood, you should be loving all the old people and children in the world with equal intensity. The old age and childhood is only a pretext to cover your blind bonds with your parents and your son.


The parents and children are not loved by you based on their good qualities and devotion also. Even if they have bad qualities and even if they are not devoted to God, you are loving them blindly because they are related to you by the blood of your body. The blood along with the body is buried or burnt after death. You body is merging with the five elements of this nature after your death. Thus matter of your body enters some other body. Now analyse the meaning of your blood relationship. Jesus gave more importance to devotees than His mother. He told that the devotees are greater than His mother. Sankara left His mother for the sake of God. Prahlada allowed his father to be killed for the sake of the Lord. Buddha left His wife and one year child for the sake of God. Actually God created you and the parental relationships is real in the case of God. The bliss you derive from the Lord is far superior than the momentary happiness you derive from your wife. These relatives cannot protect you accept the Lord. If you analyse, these relationships are proved meaningless, which are illusionary. These bonds are dramatic and are not real. These bonds did not exist before your birth and will not exists after your death. That which did not exist in the past and that which will not exists in the future does not exists in the present also.


Two actors are acting like father and son in a drama. Before and after the drama the father-son bond is unreal. Therefore during the time of drama also they are not really father and son. All the actors were, are and will be the employees of the manager of the drama. This employer-employee relationship with the manager is real and permanent in the case of any actor. Thus the bond with the creator is only real. Jesus always remembered the creator as His father. At the age of 16 He left all His people for the sake of God for a period of 14 years. Your relationship with God is reality and your relationship with your family members is false. Based on this analysis and knowledge you must vote for God, leaving the family. Thus the love for God is based on reason and not based on blind love. Your family members are just equal to any other fellow human being. The dramatic father or dramatic son is as good as any other actor in the drama. Thus you can love your family members as your fellow human beings. You can serve them because they serve you which is just business. From this angle your family members are different from the outsiders. Your real love must be on the Lord in human form like Jesus and on the other devotees who will help you to improve your divine love.


At Thy Lotus Feet


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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