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Jonathan Rees: the big picture

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As we continue to point out the lies and inconsistencies in what Jonathan Rees and his aliases post here an on other forums, it's important to keep in mind the big picture: Jonathan Rees isn't and can't be a real candidate for City Council.


- Virtually everything Rees has posted about his background has been proved to be a lie.


- Rees has forged official documents, including a hospital identification card.


- Rees has acquired dozens of aliases and continues to post under those false identities, even after it's been shown that these aliases share the same IP address.


- Rees continues to post on forums where he's been banned, using these aliases.


- Rees has impersonated real people to further his interests.


- Rees lashes out in the most vile and horrific way at anyone who dares criticize him.


I don't know what Rees' ultimate goals are, but his actions clearly show that all he wants to do is to hurt other people and prevent Ward 3 from having a decent campaign for City Council.

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