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The DC Dept of Mental Health can help you to:


1. Overcome your delusions of granduer;


2. Overcome your paranoid, schizophrenic mindset where you believe that everybody is the same person;


3. They have wonderful counselors willing to talk to you 24/7;


4. They have new and better medications to help deal with the chemical imbalance in your brain;


5. They even have the old tried and true Electric Convlusive Shock Theraphy that can rid those horrible thoughts you have of wanting to hurt yourself and your political campaign by being so stupid of openly showing people your multiple personlities; and


6. If worse comes to worse, the DC Dept of Mental Health has contacts at Travelers Aide who can get you a bus ticket to Oregon where their medical community can legally assist you in taking your own life not that you have one.


So go ahead, make that phone call today to:


Dept. of Mental Health

64 New York Avenue NE, 4th Floor

Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 673-1936

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