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Friday Night Lights...the Movie

Steven Jackson

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Hi everybody !


"Friday Night Lights" starring Billie Bob Thornton, Tim McGraw and Derek Luke to name a few will hit theatres near you in mid October, 2004. This movie is base on a true story about a high school football team and it's community in Odessa, Texas, 1988.


I had the privilege of working on the set of "FNL" while it was being filmed at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.


Your high profile performers took time out between scenes to sign "FNL" books and take pictures with their not so famous co-workers on the set. Days of filming was long but we still had fun on the set.


When you guys get time take a peek at the photos taken on the set with the cast & crew.




As usual Billie Bob Thornton was at his best !


talk with you guys later !

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