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all govenment officials are power hungry liers

Guest john arbuckle

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Guest john arbuckle

What is the American public really for, I think the American public is nothing more then and cash cow for corporate America and the government, and we just sit back and take it, the majority of the population just sits back and beleaves what ever the government tells them and just grabs their ankles for Corporate America. The majority of the population thinks that the government and the greedy big buisness are in it for the good of the people, well that is wrong, big business and the government are in it for what ever they can get out of us. To tell us what we can and can't do and to milk us dry of our retirement and health care. The one thing you can trust the government and big business to do is what ever is in their best interest. I don't expect a response to my comments here. Matter of fact I don't really care if anyone agrees with me or not. I'm just sounding off.

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