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In Honor of Women’s History Month!



Not Even Baltimore Can Shut These Women UP!!!!!!!!

Baltimore has been known for being the hardest city to break new music, whether it’s locally or nationally. What have seemed difficult to some and impossible to others, Daddy’s Girl in conjunction with Divine Ideals has manage to achieve.

“Even a Man Can Do This… An All Female Rap Revue” is the first of its kind.


With performances from B-FLY of Brown F.I.S.H, Golden Seal, Shell Be RAW, Kitty and Philly’s own Par- A -Docs this monumental event will go down in hip hop history.

“I have done shows in Cali, ATL, basically all over this country and I have never witnessed a line up of all women mc’s. Sure you’ll have a couple of rappers, couple poets and an R&B chick but never has there been an all women, all rap line up. This show is going to be crazy!”

B-Fly of Brown F.I.S.H.


“Even a Man Can Do This …An All Female Rap Revue” will take place on Saturday

March 4th, 2006 at the Belvedere Lounge (lower level of the Belvedere Hotel) located, 1 East Chase Street, Baltimore Maryland 21202. Doors will open at 9pm with a $10 dollar fee before 10pm. The first performer will open the show at 10:15. There will also be a sneak preview of the documentary “Even a Man Can Do This” a film about the female movement in the hip hop industry written and produced by Divine Media and Grasshopper Philms. A show case featuring a list of highly favored female emcees has never been attempted until now; please don’t kick your self from missing this event.


About Daddy’s Girl

A self help collective for the widows, daughters and sisters of slain black men. Daddy’s Girl uses Hip Hop as an outlet to express grief. Contact them at 410-655-1242


About Divine Ideals

Specializing in all of your promotional needs, Divine Ideals is a public relations consulting firm. Their mission is to “Promote your Vision…Not just your event” Contact them at 410-652-9395


About Divine Media

Directing and producing radio and film documentaries, Divine Media is a production company that captures the voice of common people. Their work includes “Agape Love”, “Hip Hop in Their Words” radio documentaries, “Even a Man Can Do This” film documentary and “Urban Voices” an internet talk show @Blacktvonline.com Contact them at 410-652-9395





Divine Ideals

Promoting your event…Not just your vision”

Email divineideals@yahoo.com Phone 410-652-9395 Fax 410-944-1785

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Guest listenandexchange06

Want your music heard? Just need a break. LISTEN AND EXCHANGEtm is the answer! Check out http://www.listenandexchange.com/, email DEDRADAVIS@musiclwcom, or call 713-981-3861.


Feb. 24 LISTEN AND EXCHANGEtm - 7pm - 12am, Doubletree At The Allen Center, Houston, TX http://www.listenandexchange.com/


Feb. 25 Platinum Producer's Panel - 10am - 12:30pm Doubletree At The Allen Center, Houston, TX http://www.listenandexchange.com/


Feb. 25 Open Mic, Closing Night Soiree - 10pm - 1:30am Doubletree At The Allen Center, Houston, TX http://www.listenandexchange.com/

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