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I have never felt compelled to write a story of my use of a product before but I just want others to know how VASKO really does help people.


Let me tell you my 2 part story of using VASKO and the surprise bonus I received:


My wife did a Google search on the internet for a NATURAL product that would help her varicose leg veins…in the results she found VASKO at www.ayurvedanta.com site. After reading the info on the site she told me about it and said she had decided to place an order for Vasko. I suggested she get the 4 month supply so we could share it for 2 months since I also had a few varicose veins at my ankles. I thought this would give us enough time to see if it really does help varicose veins.


Meanwhile, 9 months earlier my MD suggested that I go on a drug called Lipitor because of high cholesterol reported in my blood analysis. I refused that course of treatment because of the reported side effects which were associated with the drug. My MD was insistent that I use the drug but I was more insistent that I would not. He made me sign a treatment refusal form and I left his office. I did nothing to help or change my cholesterol except eat better for a few weeks and then fall back into my old habits. You see, I work in the service business and much of my work is in the fast food industry so I eat at the various national fast food chains several times a week. I guess at this point you should know that I am a 53 year old man with mildly high blood pressure and am roughly 75 pounds overweight. Being overweight, I am sure, has contributed to both my high blood pressure and cholesterol problem.


Back to the varicose veins: We took VASKO just as directed for 2 months and surprisingly we did see the varicose veins fading! I really couldn’t believe it but it was true, the veins were really less visible and going away slowly but surely! This was truly amazing to me.


OK, now back to the doctor office: I had to go back to the doctor for a refill authorization on my blood pressure medicine. This was required every 3 months just to see if things had changed etc. On the previous visit they wanted to do blood work again just to check how the cholesterol was and all other levels since I am overweight but I put it off at that visit. I almost didn’t call back on Friday simply because I didn’t want to hear the Lipitor recommendation and all the grief about my diet and being overweight that went with it but I really did want to know the results of my blood work so I did call back. To my surprise the doctor said “WOW this is pretty good!” I asked, what do you mean by that and he said “I mean that I am looking at your results and everything is at the normal level or better. Your cholesterol is absolutely normal in all areas, HDL, LDL and liver enzymes are normal, sugar OK, everything is just fine!” “You must really be eating healthy!” I replied, you just wouldn’t believe it if I told you!


What a surprise to me! I expected a report just like the previous report or worse and instead got a glowing report. Now I want to point out here that my previous report was well above “normal” in the bad areas and now the report shows well within the “normal” levels in all areas. There were no miraculous reports of super elevated good cholesterol or super low bad cholesterol just everything “NORMALIZED by VASKO”. I did not do any treatment, exercise or remedy or special diet to aid in these results except take VASKO as directed on the label. This was a total surprise to me because I was taking VASKO for varicose veins! This was a bonus! VASKO really does what is claimed…no hype!


VASKO is helping reduce our varicose veins and has lowered my cholesterol to normal levels and has done this with no side effects. Thanks many times over, this is a truly amazing product!



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