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For you Jonathan Rees - The Answers to Your Prayers

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Okay first: that pesky problem you're having with hiding the IP address from your postings. Well after considerable thought, here is how you can fix it. First of all, you're going to have to quit repeating posts under the same name. Continue hiding/scrambling your IP address, but make every post from a different name claiming to have 'just happened to stumble onto the DC messageboards'. This should make your case bulletproof.


Second: those irksome facts proving your allegations wrong. This problem required slightly more time, but there might be a solution. Luckily for you, you don't seem to notice the difference between reality and a fantasy world. There shouldn't be any ethical conflict as far as 'the truth' is concerned.


Third and probably most troublesome: the problem of having a substantial campaign consisting of anything other than paltry posters (I've still yet to see) and internet postings to a skeptical few. Keep up the good work! You really are revolutionizing the kind of smearing that can be done from one campaign. It's admirable really. Touting your abhorrent posters and email subscription lists is really a step in the right direction (granted the majority of the emails get filtered to junk). Fabulous job Jonathan Rees and kudos on your finance report (oh, that's right, you STILL haven't filed, silly me, I thought you would have by the 31st with all the support you have, surely you've raised more than $500 dollars? I guess not).


I'm sure there is more to be addressed, but there is only so much time in a day and I only possess finite patience.

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