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The DC Rollergirls need your help with a Tshirt logo design!


We're going to wear and sell these t-shirts at our benefit show in March, so it's gotta be something HOT.


If you want in, we'd much appreciate a $5 donation with your submission. (I dont think that's too much to ask, right?) There is a paypal button set up on our DC ROLLERGIRLS Myspace page. When you make a donation you will be emailed a receipt with a transaction ID number, email that ID number with your logo submission to:




The winner will have their artwork on all of our merchandise at the show (tshirts, buttons, stickers, etc.), but will also get a screened t-shirt for free and will be deemed an official DC Rollergirls VIP (invitations to bouts, events, and afterparties).



AND...if you'd like to donate more, or you just want to donate because you LOVE US...we never refuse generosity!


The contest will end Monday, Feb 6 at noon. The team will make a decision the following Wednesday night at practice, so good luck and thanks for your support.


(If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!)


KT Coram - Promotions

Slambam Thankyouma'am



*Washington, DC*

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