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Scout in Need of Talent for Honest Actual Work in Entertainment


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I have a message for those who are honestly interested in breaking

into the Entertainment Industry, without all the expense and confusion

associated with a number of other "Agencies" or websites. The

company is Impact 210 Worldwide. At Impact, you can post your profile,

photos, and portfolio for FREE, and get contacted by Industry

Professionals interested in casting you for the job, all for FREE.

When you are contacted by a Professional wishing to work with you,

you only pay $3.95 per Booking that you actually want to take.

NO hype, NO gimmicks, NO outlandish promises...ever. Just real work

for real models, actors, and musicians. There are no minimum or

maximum Bookings you can take, no limit on how many Professionals

can book you, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. Pay for the Bookings

you want only from Industry Professionals that want to work with you.


Impact's Talent is currently working with such companies as:


Sprite, Fanta, MCI, New Balance, Western Union, 1-800-Collect,

Aricept, Raptiva, Mystic, Sprint, Sprint PCS, DuPont, BMG,

Clairol, Dreamworks, Reebok, Universal, Johns Manville, Ford,

Oster, Cruel Girl Jeans, Cinch Jeans, USPS, The Snapple Beverage Group,

GNC, Domino's Pizza, Dr. Pepper, General Motors, Luster's, Bank One,

PCH, Xcel Energy, Budget Truck Rental, LYCRA, Census, and Qwest.

Impact Worldwide also has an exclusive deal with Time Warner (AOL,

Teen People Magazine, etc.) that provides the maximum exposure

possible to our Talent, to help find real work.


I am really interested in looking at Talent outside of my market area.

As a Talent Scout with Impact 210 Worldwide, I would like to assist

you in taking a path into the Entertainment Industry. Take a look

around to explore all avenues open to you to get into the Industry,

then I invite you to come and really check out Impact. I honestly

believe in Impact's ability to help you get to where you want to be.

I am available day and night to answer any questions and concerns.


While there is no time limit to register for free with Impact, the

opportunity to get discovered is being taken by a great number of

aspiring models, actors, and musicians. That increases the amount of

competition and the number of faces our Industry Professionals look

at to hire for work. So logic goes that the sooner you sign up

(and remember, it is FREE) the greater your chances are to be

contacted to get work.

To get started, log onto www.impactww.com, and explore the website.

In order to get your free registration started, you will need my

Scout ID to complete your registration. My Scout ID is ATGO1268,

and I will leave it posted here for any individuals seriously

interested in this opportunity. Good luck to all!

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