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We are beginning our Bible Study on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 at 7:15pm. So if your interested in getting a better understanding of the Bible and triales that life brings, this is for you. We're a baptist ministry, thats not cought up into the politics of ministry. We just want to bring souls to Christ. We're also in need of some extra help in getting this ministry off the ground, so those of you who can help out, give us a call.


The Bible Study will be held out the Anacostia Bible Church, located 1610 T St. SE Wash. DC 20020. The church is off Minnesota Ave., and it is metro accesible. The B2 bus lets you off right in front of the church, and the 92 bus is a half block down from the church. You will enter in, using the side door of the church, and the class room is on the lower level.



God Bless


Purpose Driven



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