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Unemployment Crimes and Our Future

Guest Nazia

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Unemployment Crimes and Our Future

I was a kid when once I heard about the article some journalist write about “Robots and our future”. In that article the writer said that world is going to run by the robots. Everywhere robots are going to do work. I still remember I was six years old at that time I asked my mom, what is going to happed about the human being at that time. If world is going to run by robots, where humans are going to live. Why this memory is back, this questions arise since I start noticing the technology development. I am not against development.

These days, when lots of companies are merging and closing. Some are sifted to other countries. The question is? What is going to happed the graduated we have here? I noticed that lots of places started self-service machines. If there were ten cashiers were working now one is working. It is happening most of the places, means nine people are unemployed out of ten. Yesterday I went giant for grocery they were fifteen register but only three cashiers were working. Oh yes self service, few days before I went to home depot twelve registers only two people were helping. Yes self-service again. I saw self-service machines of Kmart and many other places.

Economy is not that much good or stable, lots of nature’s disasters were coming. And now this self-service trend is cutting more job opportunity. Reminds me that article, and once again the question what is going to happened the people. If the unemployment is going to increase this way day by day what humans are going to do. Naturally whenever you have unemployment the rate of crime is going to increase too. Why? It is a good question that I want to get the attention. Why? Humans don’t have the uniform thoughts they don’t think alike.

If you think that Christmas is coming you want to buy gifts but you don’t have money to buy. You might be thinking that you will work and save some money for it. But on the other hand another person watch people going in malls buying expensive gifts, or people shopping for the gifts he don’t have money to buy. He might take shortcut and think to snatch that happiness from other person to buy his happiness. This ways the crimes are started. I want to invite all the individuals on the platform of this question.

What is going to happened the human being?

This is our duty to come up with the answer of the question and some solution. This is the time that we have to start thinking about other people too. If today the cashier’s jobs are cutting day by day tomorrow it will be your turn too. What we are providing to our next generation the unemployment and Crimes oriented future. We have to wake up form the sleep of selfishness where we are only concerned about our earning, our bills, our problems and ourselves. Might be many of you think I am crazy but think that if tomorrow you wake up and you got notice a very good robot is working in your place how you are going to feel. What kind of future we are providing to our new generation?

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