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Got Bass?!?!?!

Guest stellarsmiles

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Guest stellarsmiles

Walnut Grove Band is proud to announce the addition of new band member and

bassist Dan Telvock! Dan's bass playing energizes WGB's music. His personality

adds soul. Please fasten your seat belts as Dan, Casey and Mark roll the WGB hot

rod out of the garage and onto the street for a wild ride.


So what else is happening?


Walnut Grove Band's tune "Cheap Guitars" is featured on a Locals Only Radio

(GMU) compilation CD! StellaR was sporting a copy just the other day!


WGB has a limited supply of discount SoundQuilt and Camp Barefoot tickets now

available for sale through our GIGS page.


Do you like pictures? You can see pictures of Dan's first steps in the grove

and the grove's first steps with Dan in the newly updated Photo Gallery at



That's about it for now so take care, be good and stay safe. We'll see you

soon. Live long and prosper, GroveTrotters.








"if you feel the need to exit your mind...go right ahead!"


-The Walnut Grove Band


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