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Rees caught in a lie on DCist.com

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Well, despite DCist's effort to ban Jonathan Rees, he is still able to post there.


If you want to see how Rees reacts when he's caught in a lie, this thread is quite revealing: http://www.dcist.com/archives/2006/01/10/b...ine_trouble.php Note: Andrew Dice Clay and Eyes on Rees = Jonathan Rees. The lie was about Rees being arrested in Baltimore yesterday for drunk driving, which, according to "Eyes on Rees" meant he couldn't have made certain posts on DCist. But the proof of the lie is that Rees posted quite a bit on DC Pages yesterday, when he was supposed to have been behind bars in Baltimore.


Here's the DCist post by "Eyes on Rees" --



"Posted by:_____, I think Rees did not post anything on the net after 2PM this afternoon when he got busted up in Baltimore County for a lunch time DUI, did not have cash to post bail and is locked up until tomorrow as I understand it and will appear in court tomorrow morning with his or an attorney listed in Westminister, Maryland named K.D. Saylor.


This time round, we cannot pin anything on his ass and now we must ask who is it and who was posting in his name over on DC Pages this afternoon and early evening?


This is scary and surely he will have evidence in the future to say he could not have done what others say he did.


Posted by: Eyes On Rees | January 11, 2006 12:59 AM"

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